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An Industrial and Provident Society



First Choice Finance Ltd is an Industrial and Provident Society duly registered under the Companies Act. We have been in operation since October 2003 with the sole purpose to enhance the lives of our members by offering quality service at the most attractive interest rates. 

Our society is effectively ran by an experienced Management Committee that comprises of:
  • Kenneth Watson
  • Natasha Cole
  • Easton Johnson
  • Sasha Watson
  • Robert Johnson
  • Ricardo Cole

With Kenneth Watson as its Chief Executive Officer


To become the best micro-financing company by offering excellent customer service and competitive rates in the most efficient and effective way.


To improve continuously, the product and service offered to customers. We will strike a balance between people, product and profit. We are guided by the principles for such values, quality of product and service offered to customers which is our number one priority. We are dedicated to providing superior service to our customers through teamwork, consummate professionalism and commitment to action; the customer is our main focus. While pursuing this we will adhere to developing a strong customer focus. We will continue improving all processes; improvement to process by the use of planning, doing, and checking the involvement of employee and customers. Encourage teams – Train them – Support them – Use their work and Celebrate their accomplishments.


This approach will be the bedrock of the way we conduct business; everything we do is directed to the satisfaction of present and future customers. We take great pride in the fact that we monitor our operations and achievement on a regular basis to ensure that our procedures are followed in our operations as we identify ways to further our commitment to customers.